Thursday, February 07, 2008
happy new year!
I couldn't find any nice photos in honor of the year of the rat, so here are some fun knitting related ones instead: a cute knitted rat and a rat sweater. Who would have thought?

We're off to visit my brother in L.A. and have an early birthday celebration for hubby this weekend. His birthday is February 14 so we usually avoid the Valentine's Day crowd and pick a different weekend to go out. I plan to visit some yarn stores while we're up there. I wish we had done that when we stayed with my brother for a few days to get away from the wildfires here. I must have been too overwhelmed to even think about yarn or knitting during that period but now regret that I didn't seize the opportunity - I'm sure I will be making up for it!

I'm really getting sick of the socks I have been knitting so will try to bind off and get photos and pattern posted tonight or tomorrow.


Blogger Gerbilgal said...

happy chinese new year. I too have been making knitting rats. I have the pattern also. They were a hit at christmas time. Now I am making some for the gerbil show in May at nashua NH.

Look at the bottom of the page.

Blogger Corinne said...

That is a really cute knitted rat. Okay, the rat wearing a sweater, not so cute!

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