Monday, December 10, 2007
fun links
I came across some links while surfing Ravelry that I thought were worth sharing. The first is a blog post of a knitter's mother-in-law's incredible yarn stash: here. Can you imagine having a mini LYS right in your house?! Next is a nice knitting-themed calendar you can print and use: here. She has some other free tutorials you can check out, too.

No new knitting to share. My tendinitis is acting up, so I'm giving my wrist a break for a few days.


Hello There, thank you for visiting my blog. Here in L.A. I have been able to fill all of my French magazines cravings at my local Border and Barnes and Nobles. It should be easy in a city as cosmopolite as San Diego. You might want to actually place an order if they don;t usually carry it. The hard part is to be patient, because they are usually a month behind.

Hope this help,

Take care, and happy knitting!

Blogger Corinne said...

Thanks for the calendar link. That woman's stash, if you can even call it that, is unbelievable. Who does that? LOL

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