Monday, November 05, 2007
I've frogged this sock so many times, I could have knit it three times over! After all the effort, I'm not even really thrilled with how it looks. I cast-on with size 6 DPNs so the leg wouldn't be too tight and then knit with size 4 DPNs. The pattern calls for size 5 DPNs which I don't have, so I tried not to knit too tightly in the beginning. But as I got further down the leg, I tightened up a bit because it was looking so huge. When I got past the heel flap and tried the sock on, I ended up frogging it back almost to the beginning to make the leg shorter - it just didn't look good on me when it was longer.

Because my row gauge was off from the pattern, I started the decreases for the toe earlier but then the foot was too short so I frogged again. I finally got to the toe and now don't have enough yarn to graft it together - arrghh! I'll have to use a new strand of yarn and have more ends to weave in.

This is my first cuff-down sock and my second pair of socks ever. Conclusion...I prefer toe-up and magic loop. For me, cuff-down is too hard to try on while knitting and to gauge how much yarn you'll need to get to the toe (at least with toe-up, you can adjust the length of the leg easily if you start running out of yarn). Plus the noticeable toe decreases look lumpy. I may never get to the second sock on this one. :(


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