Tuesday, November 06, 2007
modified saturday market bag

I hate seaming so here are my mods for the MagKnits Saturday Market Bag. I also changed it to have two handles. You can use any toe-up sock cast-on - I only used the Eastern/Turkish cast-on because that was the only one I knew when I knit this bag.


Lily Sugar 'n Cream (2.5 oz) - 2 balls (I used only a little of the 2nd ball)


DPNs size US 15**
24" or 29"circular size US 15
24" or 29"circular size US 10 (can also use straight or DPNs for the straps)


With two size 15 DPNs, Eastern/Turkish cast-on 80 sts; pm and distribute sts to as many DPNs as necessary; knit two rounds then start lace pattern:

Round 1: *yo, sl 1, k1, yo, psso the knit st and the yo; repeat from * to end of the round
Round 2: *drop yo, k2, repeat from * to end of the round
Round 3: k1; repeat from * of Round 1 to the last st; k1
Round 4: k1; *drop yo, k2, repeat from * to last st; k1

Repeat the four lace pattern rounds 6 times, switching to circular needle as needed.

Switch to size 10 circular; garter st 4 rounds. On the next round, remove m, BO 7, *k6 and place on holder, BO 14, repeat from * two more times; k6 and place on holder, BO 7, break off yarn.

Place one set of 6 sts on smaller needle with WS facing, join yarn, and garter st 19 rows back and forth. Break off yarn and put the 6 sts back onto holder. Repeat with remaining three sets of 6 sts.

With RS facing, three-needle BO a front strap and a back strap together. Repeat for other strap. Weave in ends.


**I didn't have size 15 DPNs so I used straight needles to cast on, pointing the two needles in opposite directions. I struggled with the initial rounds on a circular so I would recommend DPNs if you have them.


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