Wednesday, October 24, 2007
fire update
We hung around our house hoping we wouldn't have to leave but the police ordered us to evacuate around 11 pm on Monday. Since we had already packed up earlier in the day, we just jumped in the car and started driving to Qualcomm Stadium. On our way there, we heard on the radio that another shelter was allowing pets inside so we turned back and stayed there instead. We had planned to sleep in the car at the stadium so this was a nice alternative. It was a restless night on the floor of the community center with one eye on the local news. We also heard some sad stories from other man was distraught that his elderly mother who is battling cancer could possibly lose her home, another watched as his next door neighbor's house burned to the ground on TV.

Yesterday, we decided to get out of the area entirely and head to L.A. to stay with my brother. Although the evacuation order for our neighborhood was lifted, we don't plan to return for a few more days until the heavy smoke and ash dissipates somewhat. We are grateful to be safe and to have a place to wait things out. I know there are others who have not been so fortunate.


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