Tuesday, October 16, 2007
i need help
I can't seem to tear myself away from Ravelry! Ever since I got my invite last week, I've been addicted to the site. After uploading some of my WIPs and FOs, all I've done is browse, browse, browse. It's a wonderful way to organize all your knitting stuff (projects, queue, stash, needles, books) and to check out how patterns get knitted up by people in different colors, sizes, and yarns. There are links galore between books, patterns, yarns, brands, designers, etc. If you haven't signed up yet, do it now. I love it! You will see what I mean when you get in. If you're already in, come visit - my username is edina.

When not on Ravelry, I've been knitting while watching all 5 seasons of Six Feet Under on DVD (thank goodness for the public library) so I still haven't found the time to take photos of recent projects. I'm hoping to do that soon!


Blogger Karla said...

Hi Edina,

You've been Tagged. Congrats on getting into Ravelry. I'm still waiting.

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