Monday, March 05, 2007
here and there cables
Just started this reversible cable scarf called Here and There Cables from the book Scarf Style. I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern - Reynolds Odyssey - but in a different colorway which I found in a bargain bin a few years back. It's a nice soft merino and easy to work with. The pattern is also pretty easy to memorize once you have knit a few inches. I recommend using a DPN as a cable needle for two reasons: 1) you have to hold stitches from the beginning of rows, and 2) you have to transfer and knit the last stitch being held (from the left end of the cable needle to your working needle) before you knit the rest of the stitches being held (from the right end of the cable needle). That probably was clear as mud to read but makes sense while you're knitting!


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