Wednesday, January 03, 2007
ready for felting
I finally finished adding the duplicate stitch on the farmer's market bag. It took a lot more time than I thought it would because I had to keep my needle from catching on all the stranded colorwork and from splitting the single-ply Lopi.

I'm getting nervous about how much the bag might shrink and wondering if I should make the strap longer. The last time I felted a purse, I kept reading that knitted items tend to shrink more lengthwise, but that was not what happened and the strap ended up being way too long. I'm hoping to get the same results this time. Of course with Murphy's Law, this one will probably end up being an itty bitty shoulder strap! Check back for the exciting conclusion of this felting adventure...


Blogger Sweet Petunia said... rock at knitting. I hope your felting/shrinkage works out.

Blogger art spirit said...

Love your knitted bag and all the other cool things on your slideshow. Your new collage is so wonderful, too. Happy that your blog photos are coming through again...I was missing them for a while there.

Blogger Maija said...

OMG, can knit, too?!?! I adore the bunny booties you made!! They rock!

Blogger Emelia said...

Hi and welcome to Knit Blogging! I found you through KR. I love your bag, it is a gorgeous design. Plus, your color scheme/layout/template is really cool. I'm new to blogging as well and got tagged in blog tag (it's a fun game to get to know other bloggers). I would like to Tag You. Check out my blog for what to do now!

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