Monday, January 15, 2007
round one
This is how the bag looked after my first attempt at felting it. I say first attempt because, as you can see if you compare it to my last post, it's really not done yet. But it's getting quite fuzzy so I decided to take it out to dry and try to shave the major fuzz coming off it so the colorwork doesn't get too muddied up as it continues to felt. My very old and weak clothing shaver is not cutting it (no pun intended) so I'm going to have to find some other way to de-fuzz it - any suggestions?? Lesson learned: do not use Lopi for felting something with an intricate design!


Blogger primdollie said...

Hi Dear I used simple scissors or can try a razor like to shave with not a straight edge that could ruin it if slip!!!! I love Lopi but yes with a design I am sure a bit too fuzzy!! and does take a while to felt all the way esp if a large project! the big bag on my blog I finished finally! took 1 1/2 hours to felt!!! but it's great!so keep at it! do you belong to the bag a holics yahoo group?? I posted a link there about felting how to's etc if you would like it let me know!! will get it for you!! hugs Linda oh and it's a lovely bag!!! it will be wonderful when you are done!!

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