Monday, December 11, 2006
decisions, decisions

I decided I should really deal with all my UFOs instead of starting something new. So here's the Farmer's Market Bag I knit from Weekend Knitting awhile back. As you can see, I was very close to finishing but abandoned it after being unable to decide which color to use for the duplicate stitches. I substituted some deeply-discounted Lopi I found for the original pattern's Classic Elite Montera (first photo) so the colors are not really the same - the pattern uses sage for the duplicate stitches. When I bought the Lopi, I picked up the olive and orange since they were also in the sale bin and seemed to look good with the other colors.

Olive or orange? Cast your vote by leaving a comment. Thanks - I'm looking forward to finally completing this bag so I can felt it. :)


Blogger Patty said...

My vote would be olive. I'm thinking once the bag is felted that the orange will just disappear.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the olive!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for the olive! Love the bag, I'll have to try something like that after the Christmas gifts are all finished :)

(from the PDX_SnB group :))

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the peeps above. The olive is really beautiful.

(Aimee, from PDX SnB)

Anonymous nadine from pdxsnb said...

I was going to vote for orange. I forgot about the felting aspect though. What the heck. I'm sticking with my orange vote :) Orange is the best.

Blogger Eva said...

I liked the green in the original pattern, but I actually love the orange as you've done it -- I think it goes really well with the other colors, and adds brightness where there isn't any in the original from the book.


Anonymous sari from pdxsnb said...

The bag is fabulous! And, since it is on my own "to knit" list, it is nice to see it made up outside of the book photos.

It is true that the Orange may get lost in the felting process and the Olive is truly beautiful (green, after all, is my favorite color). However, the Orange seems to "light up" and give a lift to the overall appearance of the bag. It just seems to pop. Thus, I would go with the Orange.

Again, a truly a lovely project.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

another vote for olive (though either looks great).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the olive, I like the orange too, but the olive gives the bag real warmth. very classic look.

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