Saturday, December 09, 2006
how cute is this?!
Sheldon - I love how his shell is removable (scroll down to the bottom)!

OK, OK, I know it's pathetic how three months ago I said I would start knitting again and I still haven't yet. But I swear I'm working on it. The first step is to find a pattern to inspire me. I'm thinking of this (click on "VIEW INSIDE PAGES" underneath the book cover and it's the lilac sweater on the upper left). The main problem is looking for a less expensive yarn because the one used in the pattern is about $15 per skein and I would need nine skeins. I'm usually good about substituting but I have to say that I'm also usually much happier with what I knit when I use what the pattern calls for. I suppose I could wear it everyday for the next six months to make it worthwhile - that would only be about 75 cents a day!


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